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Mastery Talks with Dr. Nathan Culver

Dec 30, 2020

As we close the year 2020 and prepare to enter 2021 the Lord spoke to me to share something with you to help you go into the year with hope and peace. 


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Dec 23, 2020

In this episode Tyra Baruti shares with me the journey to discovering her calling to coaching Christian entrepreneurs and her conversion to Christianity. Tyra shares how the voice of God, prophecy, and the Holy Spirit enables you to build a successful business 6 figure business. 


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Dec 16, 2020

Success by God's standards starts with obedience to the Holy Spirit. If we will have success that honors God then we must be open to being directed even in our business affairs by the Holy Spirit. In this podcast, Dr. Culver walks through keys to finding success in business. 


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Dec 9, 2020

When we take a look at the state and condition of the world we discover that many are crying out for a voice of direction and wisdom. Many are desperate for direction and answers. What we see happening politically and in the entertainment industry is a cry from creation for the voice of God in culture. In this podcast,...